• Raisa KUZMENKO National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, Kyiv, Ukraine


tolerance, education, communication, co-creation, personality, society


The article focuses on the importance of such phenomena as tolerance in education. The modern educational system is intended to create conditions for the formation of tolerant personality, including an enhanced understanding of the Other, in order to prepare students for active living in a multicultural environment. The research is grounded in the perspective of the prominent Ukrainian scientist V. Kremen (2011) that tolerance is a necessary component of the development of a society, while education is allotted the main role in its formation. Whatever meaning we may assign to the notion of tolerance – that of a dialogue of cultures or tolerance of consciousness - it is basically affirmed through the upbringing of a person, and therefore through education as a sphere that "humanizes knowledge". For the first time it has been determined that tolerance in educational processes can be manifested on the ordinary, frontier and metafrontier levels of human existence and it has its own specificity on each of them.


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